First Edition - Dark chocolate 100gr

First Edition ethical and organic chocolate 81.8% cocoa. Original recipe made by our Swiss Master Chocolatier Marc-André Cartier.

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Our first chocolate was born in Ecuador, where cocoa was tasted for the first time more than 5,000 years ago, and where the indigenous fine cocoa variety Nacional grows. Our team discovered these precious gems and unanimously selected the single origin Nacional beans from the province of Los Ríos. We came together with local small cocoa farmers to create the first edition of Banyan Alliance’s chocolate.

To guarantee the best quality and taste, a well-established Swiss chocolatier elaborated the recipe, making sure to release all the rich aromas of this fine cocoa and to best reveal its terroir. Discover our 81.8% vegan and organic dark chocolate from Los Ríos and its exceptional aromatic strength and length on the palate. 

Its taste is refined with floral notes of jasmine, representative of the Nacional cocoa beans, and it holds a powerful and rich fine cocoa aroma with a delicate final hint of dried roasted fruits.