OneAction was born in December 2011 as an independent, apolitical and non-profit association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Seeing one's potential for sustainable change, OneAction aims to encourage the transition from intention to action, accompanying individuals and communities on various empowerment projects.

CTA Comodity Trading Alumni

The Commodity Trading Alumni was created in Geneva in 2012. Its members were awarded the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) or the Master of Science in Commodity Trading (MAS) at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). The CTA Committee organizes social events for its members as well as public events on the topics of shipping and trading.

Equal Profit

The Equal Profit model solves the current imbalances by focusing not only on the traceability and composition of food prices, often accepted as status quo, but also on what really matters to modern consumers: proportionality in the composition of the price. The Equal Profit label means that profit is distributed in proportion to the effort that each actor provides in the supply chain. This effort is measured according to the costs and risks incurred by each player.

Chocolats du monde

It is from a discussion around a hot chocolate that the concept of Chocolates du Monde is born. The goal: to allow everyone to be advised, to buy and share the best tablets from here and elsewhere. Joris, a committed entrepreneur, and Nicolas, passionate about chocolate, then suggested to Sekandar, an epicurean lawyer, to join the project. Chocolates du Monde was born.


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